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Thank Heaven for my Little Boy's

My Two Angel Son's on Earth

Shaylen  & Timothy

This is a Tribute page to my Two Lil Guys "Brothers" with two totally different temperaments.

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Is the Older of the two,My Lil Angel Boy
Beautiful blue eyed blonde. He was born
May 4th 2002 @ 9:15pm
7 lbs 4 oz,-20 inches long
He is a unique Little Guy at 2 1/2 he
was diagnosed with Autism and see's
this world through a different set of eyes
I have learned alot from my baby boy
And I wouldn't want him to be any other
Way. He's currently 3 1/2 soon to be 4!!

To see pictures of Timothy click here

My Taz baby boy-he is all boy and very
easy going and comical. He has the bluest
eyes ever, and strawberry blonde hair.
Born May 24th 2004 @ 7:05am
weighing in at almost 9 lbs. 21inches long.
Shaylen Scott is currently 1 1/2 soon to be
2! But my gosh!!! He's already a handfull!


To see pictures of Shay click here



Timothy has things that are high lighted

Autism: Someone who has lost or never achieved contact with other people,demonstrating stereotyped repetitive behavior such as twirling objects or rocking.Other characteristics are indifferent to parents or other people,an inability to tolerate change, and defective speech or mutism. They are severely intellectually impaired although they may have islets of above average talent : Timothy could sing note for childrens songs-very early- but could not ask for a drink of water. Also he's a problem solver he can do a puzzel picture side down cardboard side up. He has several movies he can recite every single word before they say it : but cannot answer a question.Anything out of place drives him nuts- (music, drawing, mathematical calculation abilities, etc.). The behavior can be described as being driven by pre-mammalian templates that should have superseded them have not developed properly.He also has sensory problems he's rare, having both hyper and hypo sensory factors which make daily life confusing and difficult


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